The Frances Colon Foundation is a 501(c)3 national music charity that not only provides instruments to underprivileged students but it also strives to strengthen interpersonal and community values through the development of educational and cultural programs with the oboe.



Bring the oboe and its music to the general population without educational or cultural barriers, leaving a musical legacy to benefit the future generations of oboists and enthusiasts.



The Fundación Frances Colón wants to establish alliances and generate donations that would allow us to reach our educational and cultural objectives at the same time that we share a message of union, peace and love.

Support this initiative and help us add a song to our repertoire. Remember that we only need to LIVE to develop the necessary sensibility to SERVE.



  • Contribute to the development of oboists from Puerto Rico, and establish alliances with existing musical programs or developing programs in regions or towns that do not have an oboe specialist.
  • Give access to a quality oboe, from the beginning of their education, to each student helping them develop an appreciation for the instrument and to assist in their efforts to acquire their own oboe.
  • Create a musical legacy to benefit the future generation of oboists and its enthusiasts, commissioning works for the oboe from Puerto Rican composers.
  • Present interactive-educational concerts for the enjoyment of the general public.

“Fundación Frances Colón, making the oboe your passion!”

The oboe is an instrument that belongs to the woodwind family. Its name is derived from the French word “hautbois”, which means “high-wood”. It has a conical shape and its sound is produced by the vibration of blowing through a double reed.

The oboe family consists of various instruments. The most known are the English horn (tenor or alto), and the oboe d’amore (mezzo soprano)-mostly used in the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The oboe is used mostly in a symphonic orchestra setting, but also used alone, in chamber music or bands.

In the symphony orchestra it is the instrument used to tune the orchestra using the “A” as tuning note. It is used because among the orchestra instruments it is the one that stays better in tune.


Oboe Reeds

Professional oboe players make their own reeds to meet their individual needs. Making their own reeds allow the oboist to control factors such as their individual sound and the tuning of their instrument.



Frances Colón

Principal Oboist of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, Oboe Professor at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music and Executive Director of the Frances Colón Foundation; Frances Colón is a woman who has made a mark in the music field at a national and international level.


Recognized by the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce as a principal figure of Puerto Rican music, Frances Colón is the first woman of Puerto Rican origin to occupy the position as Principal Oboist in the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra. Dr. Colón has created innovative initiatives that contribute to the development of the new generation of Puerto Rican oboists. In 2009 she founded Fundación Frances Colón, Inc, an organization with the mission to assist in the development of oboe players, promote the study of the instrument and offer the general population the opportunity to enjoy educational concerts in which music was originally written for oboe and Puerto Rican music is performed.

Frances Colón has performed as soloist with the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra in the World Premiere of the first composition for Oboe and Orchestra of the well-known Puerto Rican composer, Roberto Sierra, who dedicated the piece to her. After performing the piece in Puerto Rico and the United States with world-renowned oboist, Nancy Ambrose King, Dr. King invited her to record the work Poema y Danza by Roberto Sierra with the Prague Chamber Orchestra as part of Dr. King’s recording Global Reflections. The American Record Guide writes the following about her participation in the recording, “Colón is a great partner on the Sierra, as she matches King perfectly in beauty of sound, technical skill, and musicianship.”

Dr. Colón has received numerous recognitions for her musical achievements and academic work. She has served as judge for the International Double Reed Society Fernand Gillet-Hugo Fox Oboe Competition, has been recognized by the Armed Forces for her “Outstanding Instrumental and Academic Achievement”, was qualified by the United States Navy Music school as Oboe Instructor, has received the United States Army Commendation Medal for “Meritorious Service as Principal Oboist” and the United States Army Achievement Medal for “Exceptionally Meritorious Service”. She was recognized by the Central Illinois Chapter of the National Society of Arts and Letter Award and honored when she earned membership to Pi Kappa Lambda, a National Music Honor Society. She has participated in music festivals such as Aspen Music Festival, Music Academy of the West and Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada.

Dr. Frances Colón studied at Escuela Libre de Música Ernesto Ramos Antonini, a magnet music school in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with Rafael Martínez. She graduated from the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music Magna Cum Laude in Oboe Performance studying under Harry Rosario and David Bourns. She went on to pursue her master’s degree majoring in Music Education at the University of Central Florida, studying oboe with Janet Mascaro. She continued graduate studies in Oboe Performance at the Eastman School of Music under Richard Killmer. Under the tutelage of Dr. Nancy Ambrose King she completed her doctorate degree at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, becoming the first person from Puerto Rico to obtain a Doctorate Degree in Oboe Performance and Literature.

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